Thursday, 21 May 2015

Friday 15th May: Krakow, Jageillonian University and Night of the Museums

We arrived in historic and beautiful Krakow.

The last meeting we had was to the Jageillonian University. It is the oldest university in Poland, the second oldest university in Central Europe and one of the oldest universities in the world. The QS World University Rankings rate it as the best Polish university among the world's top 500.

We had a most interesting meetiing with their intenational relations office discussing their a. We also had an in-depth briefing on their use of student surveys and were provided with an excellent overview document of the legal aspects of QA in Poland.

At this point we were exhausted. It has been work, work, work.  Dashing between HEIs and ministries. Making notes. Trying to ask intelligent questions and absorb the torrents of information received. A post-visit coffee, cake (in my case a beer) and a discussion lead us to the conclusion that we need a rest and a think before planning the report, lest our brains start to dissolve out of our ears...

As far the Study Tour is concerned we switched to sightseeing mode in a city were you could sightsee for a week and still have stuff to do. (Because we are worth it...).

Anyway, due to our fortutitous and insighful planning (ha!), we are in Krakow's 'Night of Museums', where most of all the museums are open for free. The Old Town had a buzz...

We noted the following points as being of particular interest.
  • We were impressed with the very high response rates of student surveys.
  • There are a lot of students from the Former Soviet Union in Polish universities (Ukraine and Belarus account for half of their non-Polish students).
  • Polish universities are heavily engaged in mobility programmes such as Erasmus Plus.

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