Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Why I Joined: Andrew Tuson


I am Andrew Tuson, the study tour coordinator. I am a consultant and interim manager in higher education. I was at City University London for 13 years, where I was Head of Computing and a University Senator, I have since gained experience over a diverse range of institutions. I also am a graduate of the MBA in Higher Education Management from the Institute of Education (now part of University College London). The boring CV stuff can be found on LinkedIn.

I love variety, challenge and travel. Lots and lots of travel. After leaving City I travelled round the world. And so I now work as an interim and consultant, so I can persue travel and other projects outside of contracts.

This is me chilling out in Pratergaten in Berlin last summer where I spent six months getting conversationally fluent in German.

So why Poland? First it is a country I have never been to before. I have heard a lot about it, met lots of Poles in the UK and Germany and always wanted to visit.

Second, there is an issue of professional development. I recently finished an interim assignment for a private provider where internationalisation was brought to the fore. It would be interesting to look at this from a different european perspective.

But must importantly, it is an interesting higher education system to study. Poland’s Higher Education System has undergone vast change in recent years. Apart from supporting their transition towards democracy, entry to the EU and alignment with the Bologna Process, Polish HE also has a large recent private HE sector.

As you will see over the next few months...

I look forward to sharing our findings with you.


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